In the DR Congo, “peaceful” describes horror

In the early morning hours of Tuesday November 20, the M23 rebels entered Goma in the eastern Congo. Journalists and eye witnesses have consistently reported that the rebels met with virtually no opposition as the Congolese soldiers fled and the UN peacekeepers stood by and watched. In the days leading up to the rebel advance, […]

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DR Congo. What do the M23 rebels want?

This morning I read that the M23 rebels are in the process of withdrawing from Goma. It’s a start. There is an expectation that negotiations between the Government of the DR Congo and M23 are up next. We have to know what M23 wants in order to successfully negotiate the dissolution of M23, and to […]

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Ethnic cleansing up next for the Congo?

Fifteen years of conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is suddenly nearing the end game—with ethnic cleansing all but assured. To protect targeted minorities and to prevent an escalation to all-out war in the Congo, international political intervention is urgently required… in neighbouring Rwanda. This past week, the M23 rebel militia has taken […]

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Rwanda Fuels Renewed Violence in the Congo – Canada Complicit?

The long simmering conflict in the eastern region of the Congo has exploded. Since early April tens of thousands of villagers have fled their homes to escape the fighting, hundreds of civilians have been killed, and children are once again being forcibly recruited as ‘soldiers.’ To help prevent further escalation of the violence and humanitarian […]

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Days 9-11. Heading home.

  DR Congo –> Rwanda  –> Uganda  –> UK  –> Canada Tuesday October 18. Today was my last day in Goma. Enjoyed a last buffet lunch at Hotel Nyra Guest House. Nice vegetarian options, love the cassava French fries, not to mention the fresh passion juice and fruit salad. All the logistics were laid out […]

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Day 9. DR Congo.

MONDAY OCT 17. My last full day in theCongo and four research interviews. Nice way to end the research trip. (The power is out again so I won’t be able to post this blog today.) On the drive back from my last interview, I found a hole-in-the-wall — but highly functioning — internet café where […]

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Day 8. DR Congo. Goma pics

SUNDAY OCT 16. A quiet day today. Went for a long walk around Goma and tried to take photos that would give you a feeling for Goma.  

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Day 7. DR Congo.

SATURDAY OCT 15. The plan was to leave Kalonge at 7am so I could make the boat from Bukavu to Goma at 11am. At 7am we were having breakfast (hot water, powered milk, and sugar, plus bread). During breakfast, the elderly sewing instructor arrived with a shirt that had been made for me. I put […]

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Day 6. DR Congo. Kalonge.

FRIDAY OCT 14. I was picked up at 6:30 am this morning to go down to the port where I caught the boat to Bukavu. The boat trip took 2½ hours from Goma at the south tip of Lake Kivu to Bukavu at the north end of Lake Kivu.  It was an easy boat ride with […]

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Day 5. DR Congo. We must.

THURSDAY OCT 13.  Thank you all for the birthday wishes. What a real treat!!  I so appreciate the connection when I’m on my own in this rather out of the way place. ________________________   OF INTEREST (from meetings) In praise of President Kabila. Finally heard the case in favour of voting for Kabila. It goes […]

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