DR Congo

‘Caterpillar tax’: DR Congo ethnic clash sees 16 killed

FULL ARTICLE. At least 16 people have been killed in a row over a disputed charge on the sale of caterpillars in DR Congo, which were being sold for food in south-eastern Katanga province. Days of violence began when a group of Batwa, also known as pygmies, accused the Luba ethnic group of imposing an illegal levy on the sale of caterpillars and beating up vendors. The Batwa killed several members of the Luba ethnic group near the region of Kabalo in Katanga. The Luba then launched a revenge attack, killing at least 13 pygmies. Tensions between the hunter-gatherer pygmies and the Luba, a Bantu ethnic group, have caused hundreds of deaths over the past three years. Caterpillars are a delicacy in western DR Congo, but are an unexpected cause of conflict in DR Congo, particularly in Katanga. [BBC News]

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