DR Congo

DR Congo Nationwide Public Opinion Poll

FULL REPORT. Congo Research Group (CRG) have conducted a nationally representative political opinion poll across the DR Congo, interviewing  7,545 people in face-to-face between May and September 2016. Some main finding include:

  • The popularity of President Kabila and his ruling coalition has plummeted since the 2011 elections. If elections were held this year, most respondents would vote for Moise Katumbi (33%), followed by Etienne Tshisekedi (18%), President Joseph Kabila (7,8%), and Vital Kamerhe (7,5%).

  • Respondents were skeptical of any challenge to the constitution: 81,4% rejected changing the constitution to allow President Joseph Kabila to run for a third term, and 74,3% said Kabila should leave office when his term ends on December 19, 2016.

  • Most want elections to happen within the coming year. If elections have to be delayed, 41% said they should be held in 2017 while 13.7% said 2018 or later.

The poll reveals a sophisticated Congolese electorate with a good understanding of national politics who are dissatisfied with the political outcomes of the recent months, especially regarding President Joseph Kabila.

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