Board of Directors


Glenys A. Babcock, PhD
President & CEO

Glenys is a specialist in conflict resolution analysis, whose subject matter expertise includes the DR Congo, South Sudan, Balochistan, and radicalization of youth to violent extremism.

Glenys has served as a Consultant to such organizations as the World Bank, RAND Corporation, and Canada’s Privy Council Office Intelligence Secretariat. She was formerly Scholar in Residence at the Canadian Institute of International Affairs, Director of The Titan Group for Public Policy Analysis, and Vice President, Ipsos Public Affairs. She holds a PhD and MPhil in public policy analysis, an MA and BA in international relations, and a BA in mathematics. more

Guy Charlton, LLB, PhD
Vice President

Guy has a rare diversity of accomplishments in the government, private and academic sectors. He was a Managing Partner of the Charlton & Morgan Law Firm, Chairman of the Board and Corporate Counsel for Tech Financial Corporation, Legal Counsel for an Indian Tribe in the United States, and an elected City Councilor in Plymouth Wisconsin.

Guy has taught international law, indigenous rights, and international relations at universities in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, and conducted research on traditional indigenous livelihoods in these countries as well as in China, Taiwan, and Samoa.  Guy holds a PhD and JD in Law, and MA and BA in international relations.

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Loes Glas-Weijers, MA

Loes is a specialist in international development communications, and a Scrum Master who facilitates highly energetic, motivational workplace scrum sessions that help teams achieve substantial results in a short period of time. (Loes on Fire)

Her international work has focused on Nepal, the DR Congo, and Sudan. Loes has lived and/or worked in Nepal, South Africa, Israel, and Syria, and speaks, in varying degrees, English, Dutch, French, Italian and German. She holds an MSc in International Development, a BA in Business Administration, and is certified by the US Institute for Peace in Conflict Analysis, and in Negotiation & Conflict Management. 

Adam Jackson, LLB, MSc

Adam is a Partner and Corporate Finance Lawyer at Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP in Toronto.  He has a strong interest in conflict resolution and peace issues. In 2006, he worked for the United Nations in New York where he reviewed UN peace agreements and associated U.N. resolutions, and assisted with the development of UNPeacemaker, an online support tool for peacemakers and mediators.

Adam holds an LLB from the Univ of Western Ontario, an MSc in Law & Anthropology from the London School of Economics, and attended the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. He has worked in Canada, the US, Britain and Russia. MORE

Sylvain Saluseke, Global MBA

Sylvain is a successful businessman and entrepreneur in Africa, a Financial Risk Manager, pro-democracy activist, social entrepreneur, and strong negotiator.  A citizen of the DR Congo, he has  worked and travelled extensively across Africa.  He is the former Managing Director of Global Access Health Network, Senior Consultant with Kurut Resources, and was held as a political prisoner in the DRC.

Sylvain earned his MBA in the U.S. and a BComm in South Africa, specializing in finance and risk.  He is fluent in English, French, and Swahili, and can converse in Lunda, Lingala, Luba, Luvale, Zulu, Xhosa, and Nyanja. He has lived in the DRC, Zambia, and South Africa, and currently resides in the US.  MORE

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