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Risk Assessment

Conflict Analysis

Program Evaluation

We provide political, security, economic and social risk assessments that support your investment or policy decision-making needs. We identify the full array of relevant risk factors, create valid, reliable risk metrics, systematically evaluate each, analyze trends and projections, and then provide you with realistic recommendations for action.
Government leaders must make difficult policy choices in the face of competing interests, limited resources, and uncertain outcomes. Choosing the best option is particularly important when dealing with fragile, conflict-affected states.
The Pragmora Consulting Group can help by providing a systematic evaluation of various policy options based on objective research methods and policy analysis techniques.
How well are you doing? To monitor and evaluate business and project outcomes, we develop relevant, reliable, and valid performance metrics.
Lots of firms produce metrics. The Pragmora Consulting Group has the research design and methodology expertise plus real-life experience to create metrics that are both reliableand valid. That’s rare. And that’s what you need.

Pragmora maintains a strong network of expert analysts, senior practitioners and leading academics in based conflict regions, North America, Europe, and in international centres around the world.

  • Conflict, security, peacebuilding
  • Democratization, elections, politics
  • Economics, natural resource extraction, international trade
  • Human rights, development, international aid

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