Fellows of the Institute

Pragmora Institute Fellows offer diverse perspectives on international security issues.  They are not only expert in their field, but also bring a seasoned perspective and wisdom to their work.  Our fellows are based in both international centres and conflict regions around the world; they are academics, journalists, activists, former government officials, security section professionals, and more.

Fellows benefit from the exposure offered by The Pragmora Institute, and the unique opportunity to engage closely with the Institute community on conflict resolution methodology and advocacy.

Each Fellow is appointed by the Board of Directors for a 12 month renewable term.  As a condition of the Fellowship, the Fellow and The Pragmora Institute mutually agree upon deliverables to be produced by the Fellow during their term,  which may include a Briefing Note, blog commentary articles, Facebook postings, and / or something else.

Mohammed Rizwan 2

Mohammed Rizwan is the inaugural Fellow of The Pragmora Institute.  With a keen political eye and an ability to link events of the day to long term trends, Rizwan  was a journalist in Pakistan for more than 25 years in Pakistan, has conducted research for Transparency International, and Global Integrity, and coordinated a year-long campaign to engage the key Pakistani stakeholders and national media in rich discussion sessions on need to enact laws against torture. Rizwan currently lives in Toronto, Canada.

Pragmora research focus: Balochistan, Pakistan.