The Pragmora Institute is driven by a core team of seasoned analysts and academics who have had their feet on the ground in conflict and post-conflict regions. We are an international network of consultants that provides independent analysis, unique and nuanced insights, and practical solutions you can rely on to make the best decision.  We identify realistic conflict resolution options through the application of a rigourous transparent methodology, The Pragmora Process.

Dr. Glenys A. Babcock is President & CEO of The Pragmora  Institute. For 25+ years Glenys has provided sophisticated research and sound counsel to diverse clients, including the World Bank, RAND Corporation, and various governments. She has worked in Russia, Eastern Europe, Africa, and South Asia. MORE

Dr. Timothy Fadgen, JD, PhD, is a lawyer and political scientist who teaches public policy at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. He specializes in mining, social entrepreneurship, program monitoring and evaluation. Dr. FAdgen has worked in the DR Congo, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania, and served as a Special Assistant to the Attorney General of  Samoa.  MORE


Dr. Guy Charlton is a lawyer and professor  with expertise in indigenous peoples’ rights related to land claims, water, hunting, fishing and gathering, and natural resource extraction. He has taught at universities in the US, Canada,  Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Hong Kong.  Guy was previously Counsel for a US Indian Tribe.  MORE

Robert Nalbandov, PhD, is an expert in terrorism, ethnic conflict, and energy security in Eurasia, the former Soviet Union, and the Caucasus. Robert has taught at universities in the US, UK, Russian and Georgia, as was previously Second Secretary in the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His many publications include Terrorism 2.0 in Eurasia. MORE