December 19 is the last day of DR Congo President Joseph Kabila’s second and final term in office. In an accord with minor opposition leaders, Kabila announced he will postpone presidential elections and stay in office until April 2018.

Democracy is still possible. But action is urgently needed.

The Congolese youth, opposition leaders, churches, human rights defenders, pro-democracy youth activists and citizens of all stripes are united in their demand for Kabila to respect the Constitution and leave office on December 19.

We will contribute to the pressure for Kabila to step down by emailing relevant leaders in governments around the world and urging them to impose personal financial sanctions and a travel ban on Kabila, his family, and those around him who have directly subverted the Constitution and democracy. And to offer Kabila a prestigious position in an international organization after he becomes the first Congolese leader ever to peacefully leave office.

Join the global ’12 Days of Peace Action’ for the Congo. One new action every day for 12 days before Dec 19.


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