Illegal Arms Trade



After more than a decade of preliminary research, discussion and negotiation, the final United Nations negotiations are underway for an international Arms Trade Treaty.

Terrorist organizations and rebel groups around the world benefit from easy access to an abundance of illegal weapons, particularly small arms and light weapons.
Small arms have been the primary or sole tools of violence in most conflicts over the past 20 years. Small arms are easily concealed during transport and easily trafficked to terrorists and to rebel groups around the world.


Confiscated arms
UN_Flag300pxsqThe proposed UN Arms Trade Treaty would address the illegal cross-border transit of all conventional weapons, ammunition, and related equipment.
Misunderstandings about the proposed Treaty are threatening to derail negotiations.
A global Arms Trade Treaty would not impact the lawful use of guns within Canada. It would not impact our hunters, fishers, or other recreational gun users. Each country will retain full regulatory authority over domestic sales of guns within their borders, including for sport, hunting, and collecting.
The Arms Trade Treaty is only about the illegal cross-border transfer and sale of arms and ammunition.
This Treaty is fundamentally in Canada’s best interests. Canada has security interests, economic interests, and human rights interests in a curbing the global illegal arms trade.
A ratified UN Arms Trade Treaty will not stop wars, but it would go a long way towards minimizing the flourishing illegal arms trade and reducing the current abundance of small arms and light weapons that fuel conflicts around the world.
Please, make sure Canada supports a comprehensive Arms Trade Treaty during this final and historic stage of international negotiations.

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