Movie Night

main banner fundraising movienight (2013 03 29)




You choose the movie, provide the living room, invite friends and
family, and provide chips and popcorn. Everyone pays $10. Proceeds go to
Pragmora. Maybe have a silent auction at the same time.

Pledge events are simple, fun and effective ways you can raise money.

You choose your personal challenge… Complete a long run, walk, hike, or bike ride? Swim across the lake? Polar bear dip? Marathon game of Monopoly?

Do something on your bucket list… and raise money for peace at the same time.

1. Decide on the challenge
2. Let us know
3. Collect pledges
4. Do it! And have fun.



So many ways to raise money and support Pragmora’s work for peace.

> Host a movie night

> Polar Bear dip (brrr)

> Invite a Pragmora speaker

> Yard sale (finally get rid of that stuff)

> Bake sale (mmm. can’t go wrong!)

> Car wash (it’s a tried and true standard)

Be creative!!


2011 09 skydive for peace600pxw

Glenys and Anna skydive for peace. All in !


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