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US Dept of State expresses concern over conviction of 4 Lucha youth activists. Sept 22, 2015.
Four Lucha activists in Goma given 6 months suspended sentence. RadioOkapi. AFP. Sept 19, 2105.
UN demands immediate release of Fred Bauma and Yves Makwambala. JeuneAfrique. Sept 16, 2015. (en français)
On procedural grounds, Court of Appeals rejects request by defence to dismiss case. RFI. Sept 5, 2015. (en français)
Bienvenu Matumo of Lucha released after being detained by security forces . RadioOkapi. Aug 12, 2015. (en français)
The UN calls for the immediate stop of extrajudicial arrests. LaPress. Aug 12, 2015. (en français)
Whereabouts of Lucha Activist Unknown: Bienvenue Matumo . Amnesty International. Aug 11, 2015.
The trial of young Congolese activists on continues. Aug 5, 2015.
European Parliament resolution on […] two detained human rights activists Yves Makwambala and Fred Bauma. July 7, 2015.
DR Congo: Free ‘Filimbi’ Activists: Over 200 Rights Groups Urge Respect for Free Expression, Assembly. HRW. June 15, 2015.
NGOs demand release of detained pro-democracy activists in Congo. Reuters. June 15, 2015.
EU parliament warns Congo to free activists, investigate torture. Bloomberg. July 10, 2015.
UN remains concerned about the arbitrary arrests. RadioOkapi. May 6, 2015. (en français)
A social movement to be reckoned with in Africa. AI. April 22, 2015.
Reports of torture of the detainees . HRW. April 15, 2015.
Congolese Member of Parliament call for the release of the activists. RadioOkai. March 24, 2015. (en français)
March 23. President of the Congolese National Assembly announces establishment of an informational inquiry on the March 15 events.  Noted in this article (in French)
Amnesty International demands that the human rights activists be freed. AI. March 19, 2015.
Mass arrests of activists. HRW. March 18, 2015.
DR Congo activists arrested in Goma. BBC. March 17, 2015.



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The Threat President Kabila won’t go. Pragmora. Aug 2014.


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